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Screen Scotland - Broadcast Content Fund

Support provided by Screen Scotland

What does this involve?

The Broadcast Content Fund aims to help the sustainable growth of Scotland’s broadcast production sector, encouraging the development of new projects, the scaling up of already successful activities and the production of commissioned programmes.

This fund can support broadcast content at the following stages:

  • broadcast content development funding: support towards the development costs of a single project (awards usually in the range of £10,000 to £50,000) or a group of projects (up to £100,000)
  • broadcast content production funding: support towards the production costs of a single project (one-off or a series), usually in the range of £100,000 to £500,000

The fund will prioritise projects which have the potential to generate lasting benefits, build companies of scale, or reflect and promote Scottish culture, creativity and diversity, as well as projects which offer significant opportunities to people currently under-represented in the screen sector.

The Broadcast Content Fund accepts applications for all genres of broadcast content, including factual and scripted programming, where there is a clear and demonstrable need for public funding.

Am I eligible?

Applications will be accepted from eligible production companies, which can be:

  • Scottish production companies which are headquartered or with a substantial base in Scotland, with an established track record in broadcast production, either within the existing company or through the prior experience of senior creative management
  • non-Scottish production companies which are either established in an EU/EEA state with a permanent branch or agency in Scotland or outside the EU/EEA; which have an established track record; and whose project involves a 'meaningful co-production' with a Scottish production company

What does this cost?

This is a free service.

Who is this for?

Scotland-based TV production companies, meaning companies with a substantial base in Scotland or involved in a "meaningful co-production" with a company in Scotland.

How long does this take?

Up to 6 weeks for development applications, and up to 12 weeks for production applications.

Important information

"Broadcast content" means a single or series of audiovisual works intended for commercial distribution to a dispersed audience via any electronic mass communication medium, including but not limited to television broadcast, digital broadcast and streaming platforms in a one-to-many model.

The fund will not normally support the development or production of a single or series of audiovisual works intended for self-distribution, such as a web series.

Next steps

Visit the Screen Scotland website for more information and to download an application form. 

Support provided by Screen Scotland