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8 digital aims and goals for your business launch

Support provided by Business Gateway

What does this involve?

In this guide, Business Gateway takes you through 8 key digital requirements for a business launch. By following these steps, you can help make sure the launch goes smoothly and your business gets off to a good start.

You'll find out how to:

  • test your most basic offering
  • test your operations
  • build your capability and cashflow
  • make a statement and surprise the competition
  • create anticipation and interest
  • build a database
  • sell and gather feedback
  • encourage reviews and word-of-mouth

Am I eligible?

Yes – the information is for all businesses in Scotland.

What does this cost?

This is a free service.

Who is this for?

Any business based in Scotland.

How long does this take?

It will take around 8 minutes to read the guide.

Next steps

Visit the Business Gateway website to read the guide.

Support provided by Business Gateway