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Start-up grants for new businesses in Shetland

Support provided by Shetland Islands Council

What does this involve?

The Shetland Business Start-Up Grant Scheme provides funding of up to £4,000 to newly established businesses in Shetland. 

Financial assistance is provided to applicants that can demonstrate they have aspirations to establish a new full-time business in Shetland.

To apply, you should have a business plan and a 2-year cash flow forecast, which a Business Gateway adviser can help you with.

Grants may be awarded for:

  • capital costs
  • marketing costs
  • training costs

This grant is jointly funded by Shetland Islands Council and Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

Am I eligible?

Funding is available to new businesses in Shetland.

Applicants can be:

  • individuals (pre-start)
  • businesses established up to 12 months before the application date

Applicants will be expected to demonstrate that they can realistically achieve at least 2 of the following outcomes:

  • creation of a new commercial or social business
  • creation of at least one new job (this can include the owner)
  • development of a new, innovative or improved product or service
  • development of a new market
  • development of export of import opportunities

Projects which are in direct competition with other local businesses (or have the potential to be so) will not be considered for support.

Most sectors can apply - but there are some exclusions. More details can be found on the Shetland Islands Council website.

What does this cost?

No match funding is required. You will have to claim some of the grant retrospectively though, so will need to be able to cover the costs upfront before you receive your grant.

Who is this for?

Small or medium-sized business start-ups based in Shetland.

How long does this take?

Timescales will vary depending on the amount of grant you apply for and the quality of your application submission.

Important information

Before you apply, you will need to take part in a Business Gateway start-up workshop or webinar and will have a Business Gateway adviser assigned to you to help with the application process.

All decisions are subject to the availability of funds, which could mean that eligible applicants may not receive funding.

Any items purchased before your grant is approved will not be eligible for funding.

Next steps

Visit the Shetland Islands Council website to check your eligibility and find out how to apply.

Support provided by Shetland Islands Council