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Collaborative research and development

Support provided by National Manufacturing Institute Scotland

What does this involve?

Working with the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS) gives you access to world-class capabilities and expertise in Scotland. NMIS works with companies to solve problems, improve products and tackle the engineering challenges of today and tomorrow. There are a number of routes available to companies that want to work with them, as a flexible approach is required when investing in research and development work.

For many businesses investing in research and development work is seen as too much of a risk – you have great ideas but sometimes lack the necessary funds to bring them to life. NMIS can help businesses in this situation identify and access a number of different funding sources, work with you to build a network of potential collaborators and ultimately turn your ideas into a commercial reality.

This helps de-risk your research and development work.

Am I eligible?

Yes, if you are an inventor or manufacturing or engineering company of any size, based in the UK or internationally.

What does this cost?

There will be no charge to initially engage with NMIS and any subsequent projects will be costed and scoped individually.

Who is this for?

Inventors and manufacturing and engineering companies of any size, UK and international.

How long does this take?

Initial engagement can be as brief a as a phone call. Project timescales depend on the size, scale and funding source process.

Next steps

Email to talk through your thoughts and the best next steps, or visit the NMIS website for more details.

Support provided by National Manufacturing Institute Scotland