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Interface - connecting businesses to academics

Support provided by Interface

What does this involve?

Interface connects businesses with universities, research institutes and further education colleges across Scotland to drive innovation.

Businesses can take advantage of a range of expertise and gain access to technologies to fast-track research and development, saving time and money. University and College specialist facilities and equipment are also available for businesses to test, create and develop new ideas.

Interface can also bring groups of businesses and academics together to solve an industry challenge.

Interface also administers Scottish Funding Council Innovation Vouchers and can identify numerous funding opportunities to help offset the cost of your project.

Am I eligible?

Yes, if you:

  • are looking to become a registered business
  • have a novel/pioneering idea which will lead to a new product, service or process and are lacking in-house knowledge, skills or expertise
  • have a project which requires academic expertise to take it to the next level

What does this cost?

This is a free and impartial service.

Who is this for?

Any organisation of any size and in any sector looking to partner with a Scottish university, research institute or further education college.

How long does this take?

This depends on your idea and the amount of support you need. Each proposal is unique, and timing will be discussed once an initial enquiry has been made.

Important information

Interface can also help groups of businesses tackle industry sector challenges by inviting academics to work collaboratively on the project.

With nearly 28,000 academic staff across Scotland’s Universities and Colleges and more than 1,200 specialist facilities available for commercial use, this service is well placed to help businesses find the expertise and skill they need.

Next steps

Please submit an enquiry and an adviser will be in touch to discuss your needs.

Support provided by Interface