Five top tips for retaining customers after lockdown

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Winning new customers is hard work which means retaining them is critical. Business Gateway have produced an article with five tips to help you put customer retention at the heart of your business. Here are some common scenarios small businesses are facing around retention:

  • keeping customers they won during lockdown - some businesses were in a ‘fortunate’ position where new customers flocked to them in lockdown
  • bringing back previous customers - businesses which had to shut down completely are needing to reconnect with previous customers when they reopen
  • an economic climate where keeping customers will be more important than ever - when resources are limited, efforts to acquire customers will definitely need to be balanced with retention

The key to successful retention is personal connection and small businesses can achieve genuine personal relationships with their customers far more easily than larger enterprises can. In this article, tips include:

  • consider who your profitable customers are, or could be
  • check if your customers want something different now
  • thank customers (and never 'guilt' them)
  • make it easy to do business with you
  • ensure staff understand their important role

Am I eligible?

Yes – the information is for all businesses in Scotland.

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This is a free service.

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Any business based in Scotland.

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Allow 6 minutes to read this article.

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Support provided by Business Gateway

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