Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance

Support provided by Creative Scotland

What does this involve?

This round of the Touring Fund is to support the touring theatre and dance sector and help them reconnect with audiences in 2022.

This fund aims to change the way publicly funded theatre and dance work is toured. Projects should provide greater access to a variety of experiences for a diverse audience, as well as broader opportunities for a more diverse range of artists and producers.

The fund will encourage this change by:

  • supporting high-quality work to tour in a way that changes the relationship between venues and producers, be they individual artists, companies or producers of touring theatre and dance
  • funding work that attracts more diverse audiences across Scotland, especially those who live outside the main cities of the central belt
  • funding work that increases the diversity of artists, producers and companies who tour theatre and dance across Scotland
  • creating conditions where artists are recognised for their work and can retain a proportion of the income their work creates to sustain their ongoing practice
  • creating conditions that help venues to be more sustainable and give them the ability to invest more in developing audiences
  • supporting the programming of work in venues or locations that would not otherwise present it, so it has more opportunities to be seen

The fund criteria may be changed and refined as more evidence is gathered.

There are 2 strands:

  • Strand 1 is open to applications from performing artists, companies and producers to tour live work
  • Strand 2 is open to applications from venues and touring networks to help them to programme live work in venues as part of their COVID-19 recovery plans

The Touring Fund will support activities that take place from summer 2022 on.

Am I eligible?

All applicants must be based in Scotland and involved in the production, programming and/or touring of theatre and dance.

Strand 1: artists/companies/producers

Creative Scotland will support projects that expand touring reach (reflected in the number of tour venues) or depth of engagement (reflected in longer runs and/or supporting activities).

Applications will be accepted for productions which plan to tour to a reasonable number of venues/locations, appropriate to the work.

The following can apply:

  • individual dance and theatre artists, companies and organisations
  • independent dance and theatre producers (on their own to create an individual piece of work, or on behalf of artists)

Strand Two: touring networks/groups of venues

This strand is for touring networks or groups of venues based in rural locations and/or suburban corridors.

Creative Scotland's Regularly Funded Organisations (RFOs) cannot apply directly to the fund, but can offer their expertise to support touring networks/venue groups. In these cases, the RFO venue can be part of the tour schedule, regardless of the RFO’s geographical location. There should be a maximum of 2 RFOs offering in-kind support for each touring network/group application.

For details of who cannot apply, please see the full guidance on the Creative Scotland website.

What does this cost?

It is free to apply.

Who is this for?

Strand 1 is open to applications from artists, companies and producers to tour live work.

Strand 2 is open to applications from touring networks and groups of venues to present live work as part of their COVID-19 recovery plan.

How long does this take?

Online application portal opened: 17 August 2021 at 2pm

Application deadline: 4 October 2021 at midday

Decisions: week commencing 6 December 2021

Important information

The overall budget for this round of the Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance is £2,095,000.

  • Strand 1 will spend £1.72 million on artists/touring companies/producers
  • Strand 2 will spend £375,000 for touring networks/groups of venues

There are no upper or lower limits on the amount you can apply for. 

The following costs/activities can be covered by the fund:

  • work that is able to be presented/performed within current restrictions (the restrictions may change and applicants should account for this)
  • making and touring new work or re-staging previous work
  • tours with a minimum of 3 venues/locations
  • touring in Scotland only
  • projects taking place from summer 2022 onwards
  • the full amount required to produce and tour (partial funding is not normally offered)

Full details of what you can apply for are included in the fund guidance.

Next steps

Visit the Creative Scotland website to download the full guidance document and to apply.

Support provided by Creative Scotland

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