Green Jobs Funding Call

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What does this involve?

This funding call is not open to applications yet.

The green jobs call is part of a series of funding rounds that will open and close for applications periodically. The first call, opening on 18 May 2021, offers funding of between £50,000 and £500,000 to help Scottish businesses to:

  • create green jobs (new jobs that relate directly to the transition to net zero) or facilitate the transition of a job from non-green to green
  • minimise environmental impacts by developing sustainable low carbon products or services

Green jobs are:

  • jobs in businesses that produce goods or provide services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources
  • jobs in which workers’ duties involve making their establishment's production processes more environmentally friendly or use fewer natural resources

This is a competitive funding call and not emergency COVID-19 funding. Applications will be assessed against a number of criteria, and only those that are expected to have the biggest economic or environmental impact will be successful.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible, your project will need to: 

  • have a clear need for funding – for example, without funding it would take significantly longer, be scaled back or not go ahead at all
  • require a grant of at least £50,000 to go ahead
  • not require more than £500,000 of grant funding to go ahead
  • take place mostly in Scotland
  • start by 1 October 2021
  • end by 30 September 2024


To be eligible, your business must: 

  • be registered or trading in the Scottish Enterprise area or looking to set up a trading location in this area before 1 October 2021 (you'll find more information about this on the Scottish Enterprise website)
  • be a private company limited by shares
  • be an individual business – this fund isn’t open to collaborations
  • not be able to fund the full project on your own (for example, difficulty securing enough finance elsewhere)
  • be committed to fair working practices. Fair work is work that offers all individuals an effective voice, opportunity, security, fulfilment and respect. It also includes paying employees at least the real Living Wage (currently £9.50 in Scotland). You can find out more and access free resources using the Fair Work Employer Support Tool


If your business operates in any of the following sectors or activities, you will not be eligible for this call:

  • banking, insurance or sub-prime lending
  • gambling
  • adult entertainment
  • tobacco
  • locally traded services (these are businesses whose trade is limited to a local area, and whose direct competitors are other local businesses)

Some businesses may also only be eligible for funding for R&D activities and will not be eligible for capital investment. You’ll find more information about this on the Scottish Enterprise website.

What does this cost?

This funding call is free to apply for. However, it can only fund between 10% and 50% of eligible project costs, so you’ll need to fund some of the project yourself or through other finance sources.

The call also involves a claims process, so if you’re successful in securing funding, you’ll need to pay for your costs up front and claim them back from your grant.

Who is this for?

This call is aimed at private limited companies in Scotland who are growing their business and creating jobs to support green activities.

You may be a business that is mainly focused on providing products and services that directly benefit the environment (such as a low carbon technology manufacturer) or you may be looking to make your business and your processes more environmentally friendly. It’s open to all sectors, not just the green and low carbon sectors.

The call can support businesses who will be doing the following activities:

  • creation of green jobs  
  • capital equipment purchases (such as buying new machinery) 
  • investment in premises (for example, to help you expand activities that contribute to the green economy) 
  • research and development activities (for example, to develop innovative new products and services or improve your existing products and services to make them more sustainable) 

How long does this take?

The call is expected to open on 18 May 2021, and close on 15 June 2021.

Applicants should find out whether or not they’ve been successful by the end of August, and successful applicants should get their offer letters by the end of September.

Important information

You won’t need to complete your application all at once. You’ll be asked to create an account so that you can save your application and return to it later if you need to.

Scottish Enterprise will be running a webinar closer to the call opening which explains the call in more detail and offers an opportunity to ask questions. You can sign up for updates about the webinars, and any other updates about the call, on the Scottish Enterprise website.

Next steps

This call is not open for applications yet.

If you’re interested in this call, you can go to the Scottish Enterprise website to find out more and prepare for your application. On their website, you’ll be able to sign up to receive email updates about the call and the supporting webinars.

Support provided by Scottish Enterprise

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