Dundee Market Development Grant

Support provided by Dundee City Council

What does this involve?

This grant from Dundee City Council helps local companies explore new markets outside the UK. The grant will help cover the cost of travel and accommodation for companies looking to visit potential new markets.

Companies can apply for the funding after they've done the initial market research on potential new areas they wish to expand into. 

The grant will provide funding for a maximum of 2 individuals per organisation, who are travelling as part of the same research trip.

The grant will cover 50% of your travel and accommodation costs for your first visit to a new market. It will potentially also cover 25% of your travel and accommodation costs for a second visit to the same market.

This grant is intended to supplement other financial help you can get from other organisations.

This scheme is operated by Dundee City Council and is funded by the UK government’s Shared Prosperity Fund.

Am I eligible?

This funding is available to existing businesses that:

  • employ fewer than 250 employees
  • are based within the Dundee City Council area

Funding is available for up to 2 employees. 

To be eligible, the market you plan to visit must be new to your company and located outside the UK.

You must also have:

  • clearly identified potential sales opportunities in the market
  • carried out market research before the visit
  • identified potential customers
  • applied before the trip – retrospective applications are not eligible

You must also be able to cover costs other than travel and accommodation. The funding cannot be used for:

  • telephone calls
  • restaurant and bar expenses
  • dry cleaning or laundry
  • room service charges
  • taxis
  • car hire
  • any other expenses except travel and accommodation costs

If your travel involves ferry costs rather than flights, you may receive an allowance for petrol or rail travel. Dundee City Council will need to approve this in advance.

The grant is discretionary. Each application will be assessed on an individual basis.

What does this cost?

It is free to apply for this grant.

The grant will cover will cover 50% of your travel and accommodation costs for a first visit, and possibly 25% for a second visit. You will need to be prepared to cover the rest through other sources.

The grant will only be paid out after you make your purchases and submit receipts or invoices. This means you will need to be able to afford to cover the project’s full costs upfront, until you are refunded.

Who is this for?

Existing businesses in the Dundee City Council area with fewer than 250 employees.

How long does this take?

Once you submit your application, an officer will respond within 14 working days.

The grant will be paid out after you make your purchases and submit receipts or invoices.

Next steps

Visit the Market Development Grant Application Portal for more information.

Support provided by Dundee City Council

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