Business charge point funding

Support provided by Energy Savings Trust

What does this involve?

To support the use of electric vehicles across Scotland, Transport Scotland offers grant funding to help organisations install electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure on their premises. The funding is distributed by Energy Saving Trust and is currently available for charge points that will only be used by occupiers, staff and visitors.

Energy Saving Trust will decide on the appropriate level of infrastructure to fund based on the information you provide in your application. They will only fund a charge point if there is a clear case to do so.

Am I eligible?

Your organisation may be eligible for grant support if you meet any, or a combination, of these criteria:

  • you currently operate a plug-in vehicle
  • you employ staff who currently operate plug-in vehicles and would benefit from charging facilities at work
  • if you and your staff do not currently use electric vehicles, you can confirm that you will in future or that charge points will be heavily used by other sources, such as visitors or residents (you will have to supply details at a later stage in the application process)

What does this cost?

It is free to apply for the funding.

Who is this for?

Businesses that want to install charge point infrastructure at their premises.

How long does this take?

Energy Saving Trust aim to process complete applications within 15 working days. A decision cannot be guaranteed before this. If information is missing, it will take longer to process.

Important information

There is a separate application form and funding rules for property factors and other organisations that manage communal parking for residential properties. Visit the Energy Saving Trust website through the link below for more information.

Next steps

If you wish to apply for charge point funding, please send a completed copy of the application form (PDF, 116 KB) alongside your preferred quotation from an approved installer (PDF, 266KB) to

You can also visit the Energy Saving Trust website for more information.

Support provided by Energy Savings Trust

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