Guidance on the border with the European Union after the Brexit transition period

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What does this involve?

From 1 January 2021, the transition period with the European Union (EU) will end, and the United Kingdom (UK) will operate a full, external border. This means that controls will be placed on the movement of goods between Great Britain (GB) and the EU.

The UK Government will introduce the new border controls in three stages up until 1 July 2021. This guidance explains how the border with the EU will operate from 1 January 2021, as well as details of the later stages.

All businesses moving goods across the GB-EU border must be aware of the changes and take action to follow the new rules. This document includes advice for importers and exporters dealing in controlled and non-controlled goods, as well as information on customs declarations and duties, VAT, security declarations and more.

It also includes a list of actions for businesses to take to make sure they are prepared for the new border rules.

Am I eligible?

Anyone can use this service.

What does this cost?

This is a free service.

Who is this for?

UK businesses involved in moving goods across the border with the EU.

How long does this take?

It will take around 6 hours to read the full guidance.

Important information

Import and export controls are generally reserved, but the areas of food safety, the protection of human, animal and plant health, and the environment, are devolved to the governments of Wales and Scotland. This may lead to some differences in precise requirements and enforcement bodies.

This model does not cover matters specified in the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Next steps

Visit the UK Government website for more information and to view the full guidance.

Support provided by Gov UK

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