Coronavirus guidance on businesses that must close at protection level 4

Support provided by Scottish Government

What does this involve?

The Scottish Government has issued guidance on which businesses and workplaces must close and which ones can remain open in COVID-19 protection level 4 local authority areas. It includes detailed lists for businesses with information on: 

  • businesses and venues that must close
  • businesses that can remain open
  • support for business

Businesses and venues that must close include:

  • hospitality venues such as restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars - with the exception of providing food and drink for takeaway
  • holiday accommodation such as hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast accommodation, holiday homes and apartments, cottages or bungalows, campsites, caravan parks or boarding houses
  • entertainment and leisure venues including cinemas, nightclubs, dance halls, discotheques, concert halls, theatres, comedy clubs, museums and galleries, soft play, snooker and pool halls, indoor fitness studios, gyms, swimming pools and more
  • close contact service and mobile close contact services including hairdressing and barber services, beauty and nail services (including make-up services), hair removal services, tattoo, piercing and body modification services, fashion design, dress-fitting and tailoring services, indoor portrait photography and more

Businesses that can stay open include Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) sectors and:

  • food retailers, including food markets, supermarkets, convenience stores and corner shops
  • food takeaways
  • off licenses and licensed shops selling alcohol (including breweries)
  • pharmacies (including non-dispensing pharmacies) and chemists
  • newsagents
  • petrol stations
  • banks, building societies, credit unions, short-term loan providers
  • funeral directors
  • Dental services, opticians, audiology services, chiropody services, chiropractors, osteopaths and other medical or health services
  • pet shops, suppliers of animal feed and bedding, veterinary practices, mobile vets, veterinary laboratories, wholesalers of vet medicines/supplies and more
  • garden centres, plant nurseries, outdoor markets, and outdoor car lots

Who is this for?

This is for all businesses that are in COVID-19 protection level 4 local authority areas.

How long does this take?

It will take about 10 minutes to read the guidance. 

Next steps

Visit the Scottish Government website for more information and to read the full guidance.

Support provided by Scottish Government

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