Coronavirus guidance for wedding ceremonies and civil partnership registrations

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What does this involve?

The Scottish Government has published guidance on holding wedding ceremonies and civil partnership registrations during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The guidance is designed to help couples and organisers plan weddings or partnership registrations in a way that complies with physical distancing laws and hygiene measures.

Venue owners or managers and celebrants should speak to couples intending to marry or enter a civil partnership about this guidance and how it affects their plans. They should also consider how the guidance can be explained to guests both before and during their visit.

Topics include:

  • how many guests and staff can attend
  • physical distancing rules
  • face coverings
  • guidance on live music performances
  • choosing an appropriate venue
  • things to consider when planning a wedding or civil partnership registration
  • Test and Protect
  • singing, chanting and dancing
  • other points on faith-specific practices
  • COVID-19 risk assessments
  • responsibilities of venues
  • considerations when the venue is a private dwelling
  • electronic attendance
  • receptions or other gatherings after the ceremony
  • travelling to or from a wedding or civil partnership registration
  • other relevant guidance and resources for venues, celebrants and participating businesses

The number of guests allowed to attend a wedding or civil partnership ceremony varies by protection level. Check your local protection level to see how many guests are currently permitted.

Am I eligible?

Anyone can use this service.

What does this cost?

This is a free service.

Who is this for?

Couples planning to marry or register a civil partnership in Scotland, and celebrants and venues involved in these events.

How long does this take?

It takes around 40 minutes to read the full guidance.

Important information

This guidance will reviewed and updated regularly in line with current restrictions. Check back regularly to make sure you're using the latest version.

If the place where you live, or where your marriage ceremony or civil partnership registration will take place, is in an area affected by additional COVID-19 restrictions, you must comply with these measures.

This guidance is not an instruction to any venue to reopen for the purpose of hosting a wedding ceremony or civil partnership registration. The person responsible for managing each venue should make their own decision about when it is ready to do this and should only reopen if this can be done safely.

Next steps

Visit the Scottish Government website for more information and to read the full guidance.

Support provided by Scottish Government

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