Coronavirus guidance for museums galleries and heritage attractions

Support provided by Scottish Government

What does this involve?

The Scottish Government has published guidance for museums, galleries and heritage attractions in Scotland to help them operate safely during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

It incorporate current guidelines on physical distancing and other workplace safety considerations, as well as advice specifically for museum, gallery or heritage settings, such as how to implement safety measures while continuing to care for collections and historic properties.

Topics include:

  • collecting visitor contact details
  • risk assessments
  • workforce planning and support
  • operational guide and checklist (including hygiene, physical distancing and alterations to the workplace and visitor experience)
  • managing deliveries, distribution and site visitors safely
  • staff training and compliance
  • fulfilling a public purpose and managing visitor expectations
  • re-opening and operating within your local context
  • additional guidance and resources

The guidance has been updated to reflect Scotland’s Strategic Framework, which sets out the approach to outbreak management based on local protection levels. This means that museum, gallery and heritage attractions may be able to open in areas with lower infection rates, while others may be required to remain closed to help suppress the virus in areas with higher rates.

Check your local protection level to see what is currently permitted in your area.

Am I eligible?

Anyone can use this service.

What does this cost?

This is a free service.

Who is this for?

Anyone who works in museums, galleries or heritage attractions in Scotland.

Museums and gallery collections may include permanent or temporary exhibitions, and may or may not be housed in historic buildings. Heritage attractions include castles, historic houses, historic parks, gardens of landscapes, industrial heritage monuments and open-air sites, including mobile heritage.

How long does this take?

It will take around 1 hour 30 minutes to read the full guidance.

Important information

This guidance will be reviewed every three weeks in line with the government’s regular review of lockdown requirements.

As each workplace is different, individual organisations should work with trade union or workforce representatives to determine how best to apply this guidance in their circumstances. 

Next steps

Visit the Scottish Government website for more information and to read the full guidance.

Support provided by Scottish Government

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