Indicative dates for Scotland's route map

Phase 3

Bear in mind that all future dates are indicative. They will be confirmed subject to relevant evidence reviews and criteria being met for each phase.

All dates are based on the Scottish government's phase 3 route map.


Step 1

Monday 24 August

  • Live events (outdoor) – with physical distancing, enhanced hygiene, and restricted numbers – following guidance
  • Organised contact sports (outdoors) – all ages – following the guidance of relevant sports bodies
  • Bingo halls (with physical distancing and following guidance)
  • Funfairs – static and travelling – following guidance
  • Amusement arcades and casinos – following guidance (including enhanced hygiene)
  • Snooker/pool halls, indoor bowling – following guidance (including enhanced hygiene)
  • Driving lessons can resume – following guidance

Step 2

Monday 31 August

  • Indoor gyms can re-open – following guidance
  • Swimming pools can re-open – following guidance
  • Indoor sports courts can reopen – following guidance. This includes:
    • skating
    • dance studios
    • children (0-12) years can resume all activity
    • adults and young people (12+) can resume non-contact activity only
  • Indoor activities for children and young people (unregulated) can resume subject to guidance that will vary by activity. Indoor youth work can resume for young people in line with guidance

Step 1

Thursday 10 September

  • Review

Step 2

Monday 14 September

  • Revised social gathering rules:
    • 6 people from up to 2 households can meet socially
    • Under 12s from the 2 households are not counted within this limit
    • This applies in all locations - for example at home, in hospitality or outdoors in a park or garden. Limited exemptions apply
  • Attendance limit for weddings, funerals and civil partnerships remains at 20. Receptions and wakes are permitted in regulated settings (for example, hospitality venues) also with a limit of 20 people
    • Social gathering rules apply elsewhere
  • Face coverings are mandatory in indoor hospitality venues for staff and customers when not eating and drinking (for example, when entering a venue). Limited exemptions apply. This is in addition to earlier (8 August) guidance stating that face coverings must be worn in the following premises:
    • shops
    • public transport
    • libraries
    • museums
    • places of worship
    • takeaway restaurants
    • estate agents
    • beauty salons
    • aquariums
    • indoor zoos or visitor farms
    • any other indoor tourist, heritage or cultural site
    • banks
    • building societies
    • credit unions
    • cinemas
    • community centres and post offices.

Step 1

Not before Monday 1 October

  • Non-essential offices and call centres can re-open following implementation of relevant guidance (including on physical distancing). Working from home and working flexibly remain the default
    • Subject to work with partners/stakeholders on a limited and phased return plan

Step 2

Monday 5 October

The following changes originally had an indicative date of Monday 14 September. This has been revised to Monday 5 October.

  • This date is indicative
  • Indoor sports courts - including skating and dance studios - can be used by adults and young people (12+) for contact sports
  • Indoor soft play can re-open - following guidance (e.g. no ball pools, enhanced hygiene)
  • Certain outdoor live events (e.g. those involving focused standing) - with physical distancing, enhanced hygiene, and restricted numbers - following guidance
  • Certain indoor live events (seated and ambulant) - with physical distancing, enhanced hygiene and restricted numbers - following guidance
  • Other indoor entertainment venues - following guidance with physical distancing requirements (e.g. theatres, music venues)
    • Not nightclubs
  • Stadia - limited re-opening - following guidance (e.g. physical distancing, restricted numbers) - with option for testing on earlier dates

Last updated: Tuesday 15 September 2020

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